Give me SAFETY or TOUCH?

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  • 19-09-2019 |
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SAFETY is a cover for those who are afraid. As a parent, people will use their own fears to build a protective wall for their children. They are afraid of what will do their best so that you do not fall into that situation.

– Afraid of material life, fear of being inferior to others, people are urging them to accumulate a lot of knowledge to become successful.
– Fear of failure, people do everything for you.
– Fear of being judged morally, people are taught rules of conduct in a cliché manner.
– Fear of physical pain, fear of losing their lives, people prevented them from climbing and groping on their own.
– Fearful of harming health, people are kept away from pollution by dust, rain, sun, dirty food, even fear of sandy soil, insects, so much so that they have only one place left to seem ” Safe “to stay is in 4 walls.
– Fearful of being hurt spiritually, deviantly developing, people keep them away from behaviors that do not match their views.

The fears projected on you will gradually turn into your own fears, gradually making you no longer realize what your true worth is, you lose your nature and become scared adults, always looking for a “safe” cover to take refuge.

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